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Custom Silk Plants

With artificial silk plants like these, you'll keep your maintenance costs to a minimum. Make Be-Leaves uses only the finest of materials, for a life like appearance, creating silk plants that look like the live ones.
As with all of our products, customization is always an option and designers are not limited to the selections shown.

These photos are just a sampling of the wide variety of great-looking silk plants we provide. Send us a photo or sketch of a design you like - all plants can be customized per your specifications. We offer a variety of decorative containers to choose from - or plants can be constructed to fit into your customer's pots. Click on photos to view larger detail.


Silk Agave Plant
Great southwest look.

Agave - Flowering

Great southwest look, also available without flowers.


A fresh, garden look! The Silk Azalea Plant is available in several colors.


This colorful silk Begonia plant is a good choice for a small table top plant or low base planting.

Bird of Paradise

This lush, tropical silk plant is the ultimate in exotic! And it looks great in a large pot. This plant has the traditional orange flame flowers that give it its name, Bird of Paradise.


Add a splash of color to your table top with our striking silk bougainvillea plant. Also makes a good choice for a colorful base planting, as a trellis, arbor, or wall climbing

Cactus Arrangement

Custom cactus arrangements available: small table top arrangements, larger focal arrangements, floor plants.


Large Artificial Cactus
arrangement with Dragon Wood




Tropical and colorful silk Caladium plant, has a large leaf with variations of green, white and red.

Century Plant

This two-tone yellow and green succulent plant is a southwest favorite.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is one of our most realistic and most versatile silk plants offered. This lush plant with muted variegation on its leaves looks great as a small table top plant, a floor plant, or a large area planting.

Croton - Multicolor

The croton is a favorite tropical silk plant. Available in striking multi-color (with yellow/orange/reds) or in green, this silk plant is one of our most life-like!

Cycas Palm

Silk Cycas Palm

The delicate, wispy fronds make this a wonderful choice for a small silk palm. The fronds are a good length, so it needs some room to "spread!"

Cypress Plant

Silk Cypress Plant

A great choice for a tall, slender and manicured look.


Silk Dieffenbachia Plant

Our silk Dieffenbachia is a large-leaf, lush floor plant. The leaves have a variegation of white in the center with green towards the outside

Dracaena Margenata

Silk Dracaena Margenata

This lush Dracaena plant has a southwest look, but this silk plant works well anywhere.

Eucalyptus Plant

Silk Eucalyptus Plant

This soft-hued silk plant has muted silver/grey green leaves .

Fern - Birds Nest Fern

Silk Birds Nest Fern

Tropical bird's nest fern: great table top or shelf plant

Fern - Boston Fern

Silk Boston Fern

Tropical silk fern: great as hanging plant or floor plant as shown. Also available smaller for table top plant.

Fern - Forest Fern

Silk Forest Fern

This delicate leafed silk fern works great as a 2 ft. - 3 ft. floor plant, or as part of a custom silk plantscape.

Fern - Maiden Hair Fern

Silk Maiden Hair Fern

This small, dainty-leafed silk fern is a great choice for a small table top plant, or as part of a custom silk planting.

Fern - Sword Fern

Silk Sword Fern

Similar to the Boston Fern, with more slender, delicate silk fronds. Pictured as 40"OAH including urn.


Silk Geranium

Geraniums are a fresh, Mediterranean look. Silk Geraniums are available in several colors.

Vanilla Grass -

Silk grass in metal container

Vanilla Grass is a good-looking and versatile fine bladed, low grass, for table top plants, base plantings of trees, and custom plantings
*see photos in Custom Plantings

Onion Grass

Onion Grass - tall, fine blades create a delicate arrangement.

Brown Grass Planting

click to view large photo

Grass - Mixed Grasses

Silk Mixed Grasses

Mixed Grass - Great choice for table top plant as well as custom planting: shown in mixed colors

Grass - Grass and Succulents

Silk Grass is a Great choice for contemporary look, as potted plant or custom plantings: See photo in Custom Plantings: Hampton Inn, Vacaville.

Wheat Grass

Very fine bladed short grass. For photos of custom plantings of wheat grass, go to: Custom Plantings.


This versatile tropical silk plant looks great as a single or double plant, as well as a large triple plant arrangement.


silk Hosta

The hosta plant is striking, with its strong, long variegated silk leaves that are white on the edges and green to the center. This lush and full silk plant makes a great choice for a floor plant.


Silk Hydrangea Plant

Our Hydrangeas are a fresh Mediterranean look and are available in several colors.

Ivy - Boston

Silk Boston Ivy

Variegated white and green large leaf trailing silk ivy

Ivy - Danica, Variegated Grape

Silk Danica, Variegated Grape Ivy

Graceful, trailing ivy table top plant. Variegation in leaf color make this a beautiful, life like silk plant.

Ivy - Frosted Grape Leaf

Silk Frosted Grape Leaf Ivy

The frosted leaves have a variety of hues; you can choose from solid green or red/green. It is very realistic and looks great climbing a wall or a trellis or up above in an arbor as we have done in a winery dining area as well as in Italian restaurants.

Ivy, Grape Leaf

Grape Leaf Ivy

The silk foilage of the Grape Leaf Ivy comes in several variations

Ivy - Red/Green Grape Leaf

silk Red and Green Grape Leaf Ivy

The frosted leaves have a variety of hues; you can choose from solid green or red/green. It is very realistic and looks great climbing a wall or a trellis or up above in an arbor as we have done in a winery dining area as well as in Italian restaurants.

Ivy - English

Silk English Ivy

Full and lush classic silk ivy works great as a table top plant, custom base planting for a tree, or a trellis planting or wall climbing.

Ivy - Maple Leaf

Silk Maple Leaf Ivy

Our Maple Leaf Ivy is available as a table top plant or a custom base planting in a tree planter.

Ivy - Needlepoint

Silk Needlepoint Ivy

This tiny mini ivy makes a beautiful silk planting. Available in solid green and variegated green.

Japan Cedar Plant

Silk Japan Cedar Plant

The Japan Cedar Plant is an exotic, pine-style silk plant.

Magnolia Plant

Silk Magnolia Plant

This elegant, flowering silk plant has beautiful, large creme color flowers. A great way to add some color to your room. Can also be done up as a lovely silk floral arrangement in a vase or low bowl


Silk Myrtle Plant

This tall, slender branched plant is a good choice for a more arid-climate look..


Silk Nephthytis Plant

One of our most popular silk plants, the Nephthytis has a full, arrow-shaped leaf that makes a very lush table-top silk plant.


Silk Pandanus Plant

This new plant addition has been incredibly popular. Truly one of the most life-like looking silk plants available - even to the touch!

Papyrus and Grasses

Silk Papyrus and Grasses

Exotic, contemporary and a great architectural look.


Silk  Philodendron Plant

The philodendron is a great traditional table-top plant with lush dark green, heart-shaped silk leaves much like the pothos but without the yellow variegation.

Philodendron - Split Leaf

Silk Split Leaf Philodendron

The silk Split Leaf Philodendron is a great standard floor plant that works in most all decors. Available from a small table top plant, to larger floor plants.

Phoenix Palm

Silk Phoenix Palm Plant

This is a very delicate, wispy silk palm that's perfect for an area with limited space. You may select one of our fine faux stone decorative planter pots


Silk Pittosporum Plant

The silk Pittosporum plant is perfect for a dense, hedge-type look. Attractive as a floor plant, or it works great as a "hedge" in long planters which we have custom made for space divider applications.


Silk Pothos  Plant

Our silk Pothos is a great traditional table-top plant with lush variegated yellow and green heart-shaped leaves.

Purple Passion

Silk Purple Passion Plant

Add a color accent to your table top with our Purple Passion Plant. Also compliments our Smilax Tree as a custom base planting in the tree planter.


Silk Sakaki Plant

A dressy, stylish floor plant with a full, dense look. Very realistic and lends itself to a hedge like appearance when planted in row groupings.


This highly stylized Sanseveria silk plant has a great architectural look. It's very vertical, and works well in a southwest or a contemporary style.

Sanseveria , yellow/green

Silk Sanseveria Plant

This two-tone, yellow/green Sanseveria is a highly stylized silk plant and has a great architectural look. It's very vertical, and works well in a southwest or a contemporary style.

Schefflera - Mini

Silk Mini Schefflera Plant

The full "umbrella-shaped" leaves of the Mini Schefflera create a beautiful, lush silk plant. Works great in most decors.

Schefflera - Giant

Silk Giant Schefflera Plant

Our Giant Schefflera is the ultimate in a full, lush silk floor plant. Its large, umbrella-shaped leaves make a great look! We can provide this with or without the white silk flowers in bloom..

Snake Plant

Silk Snake Plant

Snake Plant is an exotic silk succulent plant - great for a southwest theme interior.


Silk Spathiphyllum

One of our most popular floor plants, the large, richly dark green leaves create a beautiful lush silk plant - with the white silk flowers adding an accent of color. Also available without flowers.

Spider Plant

Silk Spider Plant

Looks striking as a hanging silk plant, with its long, variegated leaves and hanging "babies". Serves well also as a table top plant or a custom base planting for a tree planter.

Zebra Plant

Silk Zebra Plant

A good choice for a floor plant, with two-tone variegation in the leaves.


mix of Cordyline Bushes
and Trailing Hoya Plants
see featured instalation


Silk Grasses and Silk Horsetail Reeds
see featured instalation

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