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Custom Silk Orchid Arrangements

Sophisticated, graceful, incredibly life-like - even to the touch! From an elegant single orchid to a large, focal orchid arrangement, Make Be-Leaves silk orchid creations are unsurpassed in beauty and versatility. And we offer a great variety of types and colors of silk orchids to choose from. Choose from the photos below, or let us custom design a silk orchid arrangement to your exact specifications. Click on photos to view larger detail.

ORC - 157
Burgundy Orchids and Ferns
ORC - 156
Burgundy and White Orchids
ORC - 155
Dendrobium Orchid
with bamboo in tray
ORC - 154
Green and rust orchids
in rectangular container
ORC - 153
Green Cymbidium Orichids
and Succulents
ORC - 152
Lady Slippers
in glass bowl
ORC - 151
Low wrapped orchids

ORC - 150
Red Roses and Orchids
in low glass bowl
ORC - 149
Phaleanopsis Orchid
in low glass bowl
ORC - 148
Orange Dendrobium Orchids
ORC - 147
Lady Slipper Orchid in bell pot
ORC - 146
Phaleanopsis Orchid
in tall urn
ORC - 145
Pink and Mauve multi
Orchid arrangement
ORC - 144
Single Cymbidium Orchid
in Brown Ceramic Vase
ORC - 143
White and Burgundy
Phaleanopsis Orchids
ORC - 142
White Cymbidium Orchid
in low mahogany fiberglass bowl
ORC - 141
White Dendrobium Orchid
in square silver container
ORC - 140
White Phaleanopsis Orchid
in square urn
ORC - 139
White Phaleanopsis Orchid
in inverted Bowl
ORC - 138
Mixed Silk Orchids
ORC - 137
White Dendrobium Orchid
ORC - 136
Large Classic Mixed
Orchid Arrangement
SUC - 119
Succulents with
Burgundy Orchids
ORC - 135
Red Cymbidium Orchid in glass
ORC - 134
Phaleanopsis Orchid
in glass with rocks
ORC - 133
Triple Silk Orchid
color Phaleanopsis
ORC - 132
Yellow & Gold Phaleanopsis
Orchid Arrangement
in tall wood ctr.
ORC - 131
Cymbidium Orchids
fresh cut in glass
ORC - 130
Cymbidium Orchids
and Ivy ring in glass
ORC - 129
Orchids and Roses in glass

ORC - 128
Double Color Phaleanopsis
Orchid in 9" sq. ceramic
ORC - 127
Cymbidium Orchids
in glass cylinder
ORC - 126
Double Champagne Cymbidium
Orchid in 9"sq. ceramic
ORC - 125
left-Single White
Phaleanopsis Orchid
right-Single Yellow
Phaleanopsis Orchid
ORC - 124
Orchid and Bamboo
ORC - 123
White and Green
Orchid Arrangement
in black fishbowl
ORC - 122
Mixed Orchids in urn
on hardwood stand
ORC - 121
Large Orchid Focal Floral
ORC - 120
Large Mixed Orchids in green vase
ORC - 119
Large Red Oncidium
Orchid Arrangement in
glass with black rocks
ORC - 118
Large White Phaleanopsis
Orchid Arrangement
ORC - 117
Red Oncidium and
Gold Phaleanopsis
Orchid Arrangement
ORC - 116
Green Cymbidiums and Yellow Oncidiums
ORC - 115
Triple Green Cymbidium Arrangement in tall vase
ORC - 114
Champagne Cymbidium
in low bowl
ORC - 113
Large White Cymbidium
Orchid Arrangement
ORC - 112
White & Burgundy Orchid Arrangement
ORC - 111
Crème Oncidium
Orchid Arrangement
ORC - 110
Purple Cymbidium in rectangular metal container
ORC - 109
Large Orchid color
Phaleanopsis Arrangement i
n rect. metal container
ORC - 108
Burgundy Cymbidium
Arrangement in
gold rect. container
ORC - 107
Mixed Orchids in
6 inch ceramic
Green Cymbidium silk orchid
ORC - 106
Green Cymbidium Orchids
ORC - 105
Orchids and Protea
ORC - 104
Multiple Phaleanopsis Orchids
in 9" square teracotta vase
ORC - 103
Double Phaleanopsis Orchid
small oval fauxstone vase.
ORC - 102
Multiple Oncidium Orchids
in crackle glass vase.
ORC - 101
Green Cymbidium
in teracotta low bowl
Orchids and Ginger in low silver
CON - 120
Orchids and Ginger
in low silver
CON - 119
Orchids in bamboo boat
cymbidium orchids
ORC - 160
Cream Cymbidium Orchid

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